Transactors Management

Transactors are the people your company do business with- customers/patients, suppliers, HMOs, manufacturers of the product you sell. StoreApp has got the tools to manage all your transactors and transactions effectively. Eliminating the need for a manual book keeping. On StoreApp, you can do the following:

  • Enter and store the details of your transactors such as name, address, phone, email, representative, and other medical information of patients.
  • Manage the account ledgers of each transactor so that you are always aware of who you are owing, those owing you.
  • Set credit limits for your credit customers.
  • Reward your loyal customers through our flexible loyalty feature.
  • StoreApp also keeps track of all your transaction, so you can always review all your transaction details. For instance, you can get information on how much product you have sold a particular customer or bought from a particular supplier or how much of a manufacturer’s product you have sold.
  • View payment history.

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