Staff and Users

Storing employee records and managing their data removes the need for paper forms, files and filing cabinets. All information and records are right at you finger-tip. There is no chance of losing data. CLICK HERE to see how to enter a staff record.

Aside from keeping staff records on the software, you can also create and manage user accounts for selected staff to make use of StoreApp software. CLICK HERE to see how to create a user account and set privileges.StoreApp has an integrated activity tracker the makes it possible to do Performance reviews, You keep track of sales, products dispensed, stock posting, stock adjustments, price changes, presales, general staff logs etc. All these make it possible grade your staff and measure their level of productivity to your business.StoreApp also has a well developed flexible payroll management system. So, you need not worry about staff monthly payroll, bonuses and deductions, payee, pension, leave and overtime and attendance management.

StoreApp works well with many time attendance devices and so, you can always be sure that you get value from what you pay your staffs.

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