Completing a connection setup

A connection setup is required for StoreApp application to fetch data, use data and store data into the database table, managed by a database manager (Microsoft SQL server). The database manager is installed on the computer we call SERVER. It is a one time setup. For reasons why you may […]

Whats new in Updates 1705

StoreApp Update 1705 is available! Here’s a list of what has changed since the last update. Customer optimization: Customer management now optimized to increase efficiency and effectiveness Product expiry update: Expiry date can now be added or updated for existing stock Sales of service quantity: you can now add more […]

Updating StoreApp

StoreApp is constantly being updated to ensure that you are up to date with the latest business tools for your business. Follow the steps below to update your StoreApp. Let’s begin: 1. Download the latest version of StoreApp Click HERE and download StoreApp Latest Version to begin the download. However, if you […]

Licensing StoreApp

This features grant you an uninterrupted access to StoreApp, For as long as your Licence key is still active. Follow this steps below to successfully Licence StoreApp, Let’s begin: Step 1: Your secret key is the key to obtaining your Licence key. Step 2: Kindly send your secret key to […]

Setting up StoreApp on Other Systems

To install StoreApp on any other system apart from the server computer, do the following: Step1: Create a Folder on your local Disk and name it StoreApp to allow easy access and prevent having issues locating the file. Step 2: Right click on the folder, On the dropdown dialog click […]

Installing StoreApp

Follow the steps below to install StoreApp on any of your computers: Step 1: Download the latest version of StoreApp from the web. Click here to do so. Step 2: As soon as the download is complete, open File Explorer by pressing window key + E, then select Downloads from […]