What’s new in Update 2687

Welcome to the April 2021 release of StoreApp. The StoreApp Development team has been busy this month working on several longer lead time updates listed out in this release note.

Here are some of the highlights included in this release:.

Details of the Update

  • The issue with Price Levels / Bulk prices not deleting across multiple outlets has been fixed
  • We have provided an option to include your website address on your receipts / invoices.
  • Layaways are now automatically cleared automatically after sale is complete.
  • With this release, you get an option to add a logo to receipt, invoices and reports.
  • We’ve rectified the issue with the supplier not showing when you evacuate cash for payment.
  • Coupon discount is now displayed on the Sales page when a coupon is applied to a sale.
  • You can now see the balance on all customers’ accounts from the sales check-out dialog.
  • Cost, Selling Quantity, Expiry excluding Gross field have been added to the outlet transfer printout.
  • You can create custom categories for customers and products.
  • Order generation for multiple outlets is now based on a combined consumption rate from all outlets.
  • You now have access to Patients’ medical history.
  • Transactions are now added  as part of a patient’s consultation / medical records.
  • This release makes StoreApp compatible with Price Checkers, customers can get prices of items by scanning a product’s barcode.
  • You can attach department and price profile to an outlet to restrict them from selling within the specified Department and selected Price Profile.
  • We’ve optimized the search feature in Sales Point to make it faster.
  • Voucher number and remark now shows up in the transaction ledger when you double-clicked a transaction to view more details.
  • Version number shows up on the login page of StoreApp.
  • Resend stocks now have a role-based restriction.
  • Sales point no longer resets after adding a product to cart, this allows you to continue to add items from the search results without having to search again. You can clear the search box anytime by double-clicking it or pressing F3 on the keyboard.
  • The Selling price control has been redesigned to include the markup in a single view. This is to eliminate the confusion in trying to identify which box serves which purpose.
  • We have added more filter options to stocks and universal stocks with the ability to export the list to excel.
  • The new transfer document now shows both the selling price and cost price. 
  • You can now add products to the list by scanning the barcode on the stock purchase and transfer pages.
  • We have resolved issues on outlet transfer generation.
  • Cash/bank accounts are now synchronized in multiple outlets like products and customers.
  • At purchase stocks, when you scan a new product (product that doesn’t exist), scanning a product allows staff to create a product with code if the code does not exist.
  • The self-service/price checker is enabled by default.

Hotel Management

We’re excited to introduce our newest package – Hotel Management. You can now manage your hotel with StoreApp. StoreApp Hotel Management is fully integrated with hotel lock system and includes the following features:

  • Room and Guest management
  • Front-desk operations.
  • House-keeping and room maintenance.
  • Check-in and check-out of guests with access control (key card).
  • Restaurant and bar management
  • Fully integrated with the hotel lock swipe card to access the rooms.
  • Room consumables – automatically deducted from inventory
  • Mini mart
  • Kitchen management
  • And more features and coming

How to get the new update

To get the new update click the button below for detailed instruction on how to update your version of StoreApp.

Update my version of StoreApp

If you require any assistance as regards getting this update or you have a suggestion on what should be part of our future updates, please feel free to contact us at any time via our support channels.

Phone: 081-STOREAPP [+234 (817) 867 3277]
Email: [email protected]
Or chat with us via our websites.