What’s new in Update 1720

Update 1720 is here. We figured some important update that should have shipped with the last update 1705. The update is more of a follow-up update.

In addition to update 1705, we have made these changes:..

Details of the update

  • A summary of your bank payments is now available on the cash¬†evacuation page.
  • We introduced a unique barcode for every receipt generated from the software in the last update. The display of this barcode of the sales receipt is now optional.
  • We have been able to fix the error with the quantity of each service items on the sales receipt.
  • The sales receipt is now showing the account balance for every credit customer. This feature is optional and can be turned of at anytime.
  • You can now activate / deactivate loyalty for selected customer. Loyalty is disabled for credit customers by default, you can override the behaviour by activating loyalty for respective customer. Optionally you can request to turn off this restriction for every credit customer.
  • For those who do not really an elaborate warehouse, you can now make transfers to your other outlets from the shop.

How to get the new update

To get the new update click the button below for detailed instruction on how to update your version of StoreApp.

If you require any assistance as regards getting this update or you have a suggestion on what should be part of our future updates, please feel free to contact us at any time via our support channels.

Phone: 081-STOREAPP [+234 (817) 867 3277]
Email: [email protected]
Or chat with us via our websites.