Whats new in Updates 1705

StoreApp Update 1705 is available!

Here’s a list of what has changed since the last update.

  • Customer optimization: Customer management now optimized to increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • Product expiry update: Expiry date can now be added or updated for existing stock
  • Sales of service quantity: you can now add more than one service to cart
  • Bug fix: on payroll misc allowance reporting
  • Bug fix: Bank transfer/deposit now available on customer deposit & supplier payment
  • Staff scoreboard: New scoreboard for all staff to maximize productivity
  • The credit limit on Proforma: Customer credit limit now applies to proforma to allow staff make an informed decision about sales
  • Staff disengagement: You can now disengage and reinstate staff
  • Reports optimization: You can now sort reports by click on the respective columns
  • Edit proforma: Update of existing proforma invoice now available
  • Proforma invoice watermark: Proforma invoice now carries a watermark to indicate its not a sales receipt
  • Refund summary report restored
  • Presale & proforma invoice items are now retrieved to sale without quantity restriction
  • Bug fix: on store transfer and control
  • Product location: Location details display on sales receipt is now optional
  • Posting and transfers: You can now transfer to other outlets during stock posting
  • Sales quantity: You can now reduce the quantity of selected sales items without removing them. Just click the selected item in the cart and use the number pad to set a new quantity, click the Add button.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to install this update.