Creating a Category

CLICK HERE to learn about category. Step 1: Goto Administrative, Products and select Product Categories. Step 2: Click on Add Category on the upper right corner of the screen, to add a new category. You can also right click on an existing category to edit its description. Step 3: Complete […]

Creating a Department

CLICK HERE to know what a Department is. Step 1: Goto Administrative, Products and Click on Departments. Step 2: Click on Add Department on the upper right corner of the screen, to add a new department. You can also right click on an existing department to edit its description. Step […]

Transferring Product to an Outlet.

  This tutorial describes how to transfer product(s) to Outlets. To transfer products from one Outlet to another Outlets, follow the steps below: From StoreApp start page, click Administrative, from the drop down list, click Inventory and then click Transfer to Outlets. Step 2: Click on the drop down button on the top left […]

Changing a Price Profile.

In Order to change the Price Profile with which to sell at the Sales Point interface follow the steps below. Change Price Profile temporarily Step 1: Goto Shop, click on Change Price Profile from the drop down list. Step 2: In the Change Price Profile dialog box, select the preferred […]

Creating a Patient

StoreApp allows you keep records of patient by entering their details. To use this features, Follow the steps below: Step 1: From the StoreApp start page,  Go to Administrative from the drop down list, Navigate to Transactors and click on Patients. Step 2: Click on Add Patient Step 3: Enter the […]

Staff and Users

Storing employee records and managing their data removes the need for paper forms, files and filing cabinets. All information and records are right at you finger-tip. There is no chance of losing data. CLICK HERE to see how to enter a staff record. Aside from keeping staff records on the […]

Transactors Management

Transactors are the people your company do business with- customers/patients, suppliers, HMOs, manufacturers of the product you sell. StoreApp has got the tools to manage all your transactors and transactions effectively. Eliminating the need for a manual book keeping. On StoreApp, you can do the following: Enter and store the […]

Records and Reports

StoreApp presents to you a robust and accurate report on all your business transactions. You can always streamline any report on StoreApp in order to get specific information on the performance of your business. All reports can be sorted for easy comparison. You can also export or print all reports […]

StoreApp Accounting

StoreApp ensures to keep track of all the monies that flow in and out of your business and gives you the following basic accounting reports: Income statement, Cashflow statement and statement of financial position/balance sheet. On StoreApp you  can do the following: Manage expenses: expenses can be sorted into different […]

StoreApp installation checklist

Thank you for choosing StoreApp. You have made a very good decision for your business. The StoreApp application is a simple lightweight program that allows you enter your business data, processes them and gives you needed information about your business. StoreApp application itself does not store any of those data. […]